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Storage Stroud

Looking for affordable storage in Stroud? At AVM Storage & Shipping we own and operate a large secure storage facility near Stroud. Our storage units are completely secure and temperature controlled so you can be confident your belongings will be safe from mould, damp and any potential thieves. We offer storage space that is suitable for both domestic and commercial purposes. To find out more, or to get an accurate, upfront quote for storage in Stroud, contact us on 0800 833 932, or complete our ‘Get a Quote’ form.

In this blog post, we are going to look at the advantages of hiring storage space for your domestic needs.

storage stroud

Why would I need storage?

  • Kids flying the nest – After the years of sleepless nights and messy bedrooms, all your hard work has paid off and your darling offspring are out on their own, leaving your home behind, hopefully not too worse for wear. It may therefore, be the time to strip that Spiderman wallpaper, pull up the carpet that has goodness knows what hiding between the pile and turn your now adult child’s old bedroom into a room that will be of use to you in your now child free zone. The possibilities are endless. A study, craft room, art studio, home gym, home theatre, library. Of course you can still keep a sofa bed in there for when your kids come home to visit, but is it really worth the effort of leaving their room as a sort of shrine to their childhood that they’ll rarely use or appreciate and that you’ll still be stuck cleaning? No, of course not. But what do you do with all their sweet, childhood memorabilia, or things they might want for their own children someday? I mean, for twenty and thirty somethings today, it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to have space in their own tiny rented flats and one beds. But the thought of throwing it out tugs at your sentimental heartstrings and you know they’ll be none too happy either because we’re all a bit sentimental really. The solution? Storage.


  • Downsizing – Perhaps your kids have left home and the thought of all that empty space is depressing and feels a bit unnecessary. Or you’re hoping to sell your four bed house in the centre of town and retire to a comfortable two bed in the country, using the rest of the money to enjoy your retirement in luxury. Whatever your reason for downsizing, if you’re moving from a large property to a smaller one, you’ll likely have a lot of extra stuff that has nowhere to go. Selling big items like furniture often takes time if you want to get a decent price. So, in the meantime, why not save it in storage until a buyer can be found. Or, you might not want to get rid of it at all, choosing to keep it for your children someday or in case you decide to change your home decor and the old furniture will look so much better. Either way, storage is a secure and affordable option for storing your belongings when you are downsizing.


  • Moving to assisted living – If you have an elderly parent or relative that needs to move to an assisted living or care facility, you may be tasked with handling their house and possessions. If you are selling or renting out the property, secure storage may be the optimal solution to storing all their belongings rather than being forced to get rid of their treasured possessions or trying to stuff them into your own home.


  • Collections – Collecting is a wonderful hobby and can sometimes be quite lucrative in the long run should you decide to part with your collection. While a stamp collection is quite easy to store at home, an antique vase or furniture collection might not be. To save space in your house, consider renting a storage unit to keep your prized collections safe. At AVM Storage & Shipping, we offer climate controlled storage units, meaning your items will be safe from damp or mould resulting from poor ventilation.


  • Sports or specialist gear and equipment – If you are an extreme sports fanatic, trying everything from skiing to surfing to motocross, you may find that you’re struggling to find space in your home or garage for all your sports equipment. A storage unit is a great way to keep all of your gear safe, whilst still be accessible. They are particularly useful if you play seasonal sports and therefore do not require your equipment at all times of the year.


  • Living abroad – Whether it’s a few months, a year or longer, if you are moving overseas temporarily and don’t want to move all your belongings with you, storage is a handy alternative for keeping your furniture and possessions safe and in good condition while you are abroad. And if you need help with moving overseas, we offer a reliable, expert international moving service which includes documentation and customs handling.


Whatever the reason, if you have items that needs storing, you can trust AVM Storage & Shipping to take extra care of your belongings. Plus, with our dedicated removals service, you can also hire us to move items from your home to our storage facility and back again when you need. Contact our friendly, professional team today on 0800 833 932 for reliable, affordable storage in Stroud.

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