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Our Packaging Material

We can provide a full range of packaging kits. These kits are perfect for all of your packaging needs. Here at AVM we also provide various size packing kits this helps to minimise your packaging waste but also helps to reduce the costs involved with packaging.

Variety of Packaging Kits Available

Our packaging kits a very cost-efficient due to the fact that the size kit that we send you is tailored to your specific needs. To purchase one of our very high-quality packaging kits all you need to do is call one of our professional packing team today.

When calling us to inquire about one of our packaging kits make sure you explain your specific needs. We can supply you with the perfect sized kit for your needs. This will help reduce the amount of packaging that goes to waste and also we can provide you with the perfect sized packaging kit at a reasonable price.


Quality Packaging Material In Cheltenham

The kits we provide are perfect for those who would prefer to package their own goods. The kits are full of different materials that help to maximise the protection of your personal possessions. The materials provided within the kits are not only protecting your possessions. The boxes we provide are extremely durable and will be able to be removed and transported without breaking. This helps your possessions to be protected at all time.  

If cheap packaging kits are used for your items it may result in your possessions being damaged or even completely broken. Purchasing one of our high-quality packaging kits is a small price to pay for the assurance that your items are fully protected.


Simple to Use Packaging

The packaging material we provide is very simple to use and will help to make the packaging process very quick and simple. Purchasing a packaging kit will ensure that all of your items are packed correctly and safely. The kits allow you to only focus on the safe packaging of your items rather than having to organise purchasing all of the packaging material separately.


What Items Are Provided Within Our Packaging Kits

The packaging items that are provided within our kits are all hugely important for the successful packaging of your items. Firstly the removal blankets provide protection to all furniture items. Removal blankets are a necessary item for those who are doing a house or apartment move. A removal blanked provides protection to delicate materials and will prevent other items from damaging these delicate materials.

One of the most important parts of any move is the cardboard boxes. We provide various sizes of cardboard boxes as this is very important for your individual needs. If the boxes are the incorrect size it can add unnecessary time to the packing and unpacking process.

Adhesive tape is another important part of packaging kits. This allows you to seal off all of your packaged items into the boxes so nothing spills during the transportation process. This is another extremely important part of the packaging kit. This allows you completely relax knowing that once all your items are packed correctly and sealed with the adhesive tape the items will not be going anywhere. The items can then be transported safely.

We also can provide bubble wrap and wrapping paper to help protect delicate items that will shatter or break easily. This is a necessity to all packaging kits as without this it could ruin your move. The bubble wrap and wrapping paper will prevent items from damaging each other. Bubble wrap could make the difference from a successful move to an unsuccessful home move

If you require Packaging materials call our team today! 0800 833 932



Export Wrapping for International Shipping.

  • Wrapping paper
  • Adhesive tape
  • Removal blankets


Adhesive Tape

Our comprehensive full package means our teams of dedicated professionals arrange everything for you, including full documentation and customs clearance thereby eliminating the stress and minimising the cost.

Packaging Service

Our Removal Boxes
  • Removal packing kits of various sizes
  • Packing removal boxes.
Removal Blanket
  • Bubble wrap
  • Wrapping paper
  • Removal blankets

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