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Tips for moving to a new home with a dog with AVM storage and Shipping – Cheltenham

Moving house requires a lot of preparation and is a very exciting time but it can also be very stressful for all those concerned and that includes your furry friend. Ensure you include your dog when making your moving plans.

Consider sending your dog to a friend or relative for the duration of the move to give you one less thing to worry about, together with hiring a trusted and reputable removal company or man and van to ensure that you can move to a new house efficiently and with ease.

Although most dogs are incredibly adaptable and take new things in their paw-stride, here we discuss tips to moving house with your dog to help reduce stress for all concerned.

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Packing Up:

Man with a Van Cheltenham

Arranging for your dog to stay elsewhere allows you to concentrate on the house move without having to worry about your dog escaping through a left open door or window or him becoming upset about having strangers in the home. If you are unable to provide your dog with an alternative location solution on moving day, choose a secure, quiet room or area where your dog can stay safe whilst the move is going on, leaving bedding, toys and any other equipment to the last minute so that they are comforted by familiar things.

The Journey:

So, now you’re on your way to your new home. Make sure your dog is safely secured in the car or van that he is to be transported into the new house such as a travel crate, car harness or dog guard.  If it is a long journey ensure he has enough water breaks and regular toilet stops. Some dogs suffer from travel sickness so talk to your vet about making the journey less eventful for you both!

Ensure your dog has identification on his collar containing your new address and phone number and microchip.

Your New Home:

We know you will be busy unpacking but try and adhere to the normal routine your dog is used to, such as walk and meal times as will encourage him to settle quickly. Unpack essential, familiar items that your dog can recognise and be comforted by.

Praise your dog when he goes to the toilet in the correct place and don’t make a fuss, punish or draw attention to any “accidents” on the carpet of your new home. Once your dog has settled into his new surroundings, any accidents should cease.

Finally, ensure your dog has identification on his collar containing your new address and phone number and any microchip details are updated.

Moving House With a Cat

Cheltenham Man with a van

Our August update to our moving with pets blog investigates how to move house with your cat.

A cat is an extremely territorial animal and develops a firm bond with their environment, which can make moving home a stressful time for your furry friend.

You may worry about how your cat will cope and not get lost in their new surroundings or that it may attempt to return to its old territory. As with any move, planning ahead and incorporating your cat in your removal day plans beforehand will ensure the transition will be smooth and leaving you with one thing less to worry about.

By helping your cat to settle in their new surroundings calmly and with minimum fuss, you will ensure peace and harmony in your new home that little bit quicker.

If you’re moving house and looking for a man with a van in Cheltenham then be sure to contact AVM Storage & Shipping today by calling us now on: 0800 833 932.

As previously mentioned with a dog, ensure your cat is confined to one room on removal day with no means of escape via an open window. It may be an idea to put a sign up to prevent accidental release! Keep food & water bowls, toys, litter tray, bed and pet carrier in the same room as your pet.

The furniture in this room will be familiar and may well be used as a comforting, hiding place in your new home, therefore it should be removed last, ensuring your cat is safely in the pet carrier before doing so.

Cats should not be transported in the removal van or in the boot of a car. Ensure good ventilation and offer water to drink if it is a hot day or a long journey.

Once you arrive at your new home, ensure the cat is shut away in one room, again with food, water, litter tray and bedding whilst it seeks comfort around the familiar furniture.

Once the move is complete, you can allow your cat to explore room by room, whilst still keeping windows and door shut.  Show your cat there is nothing to fear in their new surroundings by remaining calm. Be cautious of rooms with narrow gaps behind appliances as nervous cats may seek refuge there.

In the days that follow, it is advised that you keep your cat inside for 2 weeks, so that it can get used to their new environment, offering meals little and often and maintaining familiar routines.

If your cat is the outdoorsy type, ensure easy identification with a collar, or update the microchip details. Allow your cat to explore if it wants to by leaving a door open with easy access should it want a quick retreat, you also may want to consider fitting a cat flap. Try going outside together with your cat to offer reassurance. You cat will want to establish its territory so try and discourage other cats from entering your garden.

If you are looking for a reliable and simple man with a van Cheltenham service, who offers you a variety of benefits including full control of your move, AVM Removals are the perfect solution.

If you are planning on moving home, one of the most important things you need to consider is who you are going to use to transport your belongings.

AVM Storage & Shipping have been offering their man with a van Cheltenham service for many years and have built a comprehensive service for all of your removals, storage & shipping requirements.

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Choosing a Man with a Van Cheltenham.

The task of choosing who will assist you with transferring to your brand new home should not be considered lightly. A Cheltenham man with a van service is an obvious choice. You will need to consider if you need assistance with packing or if you need help with loading and unloading your boxes and furniture. These services can provide you with valuable time saving and stress come removal day and giving yourself a bad back through lifting will not make the experience an enjoyable one!

What to Consider When Choosing a Man with a Van Cheltenham.

Cheltenham Man and Van

The November edition of our blog looks at the services we have to offer at AVM.

When considering the services of a Cheltenham man with van, like AVM, you will need to look into your budget and get cost-effective quotes. Consider also, the effectiveness of the manpower that is provided. Reputable removers will have a workforce that will know how to deal with all aspects of a move. Packing the vehicle safely and efficiently, ensuring that no items will fall or come loose during the journey or whilst loading or unloading is an important factor.

Look for personal recommendations or reviews by others, which will be a good indicator that staff are polite and respectful.

Ensure that the company has the right transport that is appropriate for your needs. You really don’t want a company who has to make five or six trips between your old and new property due to the inappropriate size of the chosen vehicle. Nor would you expect to see a huge lorry to transport a few items.

Insurance For Your Belongings

Look for insurance protection for your belongings. If a Cheltenham man with a van company cannot offer insurance coverage for your possessions whilst they are in their care, then it is advisable to look elsewhere. A vast majority have liability insurance in place to cover any incidents or accidents with your belongings.

Finally, choose a company that offers a fixed or capped hourly price for their service rather than by just the hour, otherwise you may just find yourself considerably out of pocket.

AVM Storage and shipping provide comprehensive and reliable Cheltenham man with van services. Our flexible services include professional packing, insurance and the vehicle or vehicles necessary to cater for your individual need. Experienced personnel will move your possessions with the utmost care. We offer fixed or capped hourly rate to suit your pocket.Whatever your man with a van Cheltenham requirements, make the right choice and contact AVM Storage and Shipping today on 0800 833 932 

Contact AVM Storage & Shipping to Help You Move Today

Moving home can be a daunting process and choosing a professional removal company or man with a van will ensure any preparations such as packing, labelling and transporting your possessions are done correctly and securely. A detailed plan of your move is vital in avoiding any obstacles that may arise. Our experienced team will help and guide you through any concerns or issues that may arise or simply cannot be avoided.

There are several ways that you can prepare to move home with a man with a van and we at AVM Storage & Shipping are very happy to assist you in any way we can. If you don’t have the time to package and label all your possessions, we can offer an incredibly competitive packing service. We also offer a storage service utilising our storage warehouses should you need to store items for a later date until you need them.

If you’re looking for a professional and trusted removals in Cheltenham service for the surrounding areas, contact AVM Storage & Shipping on: 0800 833 932

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