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Moving Abroad During the Pandemic

Moving Abroad During the Pandemic: What Do The Current Regulations Allow?

Moving is stressful enough, let alone when your destination is a foreign country and we’re in the midst of a global pandemic. Whilst there is a talk of traffic light systems for holidaymakers, where does this system leave you when you are looking to move abroad?

Many countries have controlled the virus and have subsequently decided to reopen their borders, meaning that moving abroad during the pandemic may be possible, however it is important to take the right precautions.

Here at AVM Storage & Shipping, we have taken a look into the current legislation and advice from the UK government, to help you understand where you stand in terms of moving abroad during the pandemic.

Should you need more advice on an international move, make sure to speak to our team of experts today on 0800 833 932.

Firstly, Check Whether it is Safe

Of course, the safety of you and your family will be a priority. It is important to make sure that your chosen destination has reduced the spread of COVID-19 to manageable levels.

A good way to judge this is by checking the government’s list of countries of which are no longer presenting an unacceptably high risk to British people travelling abroad, and make sure that your new home country is safe.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at the data surrounding the country, and check what experts and authorities are saying.

Make Sure Your Move is Legal

Governments across the world are all continuously updating and changing their restrictions, especially when it comes to visitors from other countries.

Several nations who have dealt well with the pandemic, including New Zealand, Australia and Canada are not accepting flights from the UK at the moment.

Whether or not you have checked this previously, we suggest that you check again, as these regulations can change without notice.

The very last thing you want to face is not checking the legislation and regulations and finding yourself turned away at the border.

Following the Government Guidelines Correctly

It’s important to keep in mind if you are travelling, all of the current government guidelines, both within the UK and your destination country. Don’t let yourself get denied entry by not having a negative COVID-19 test or medical certificate with you.

Make sure to consult all official rules and follow them exactly.

Of course, you want to enjoy and discover your new home, however, it’s important that you follow all legislation. After all, you don’t want to appear irresponsible.

Keep Track of Your Health

It may seem obvious, however, if you or a family member has shown COVID-19 symptoms within the last seven days, it’s vital you all take tests and delay your move.

Should you continue to travel anyway, you may be refused on board the plane. Should you make it on the plane, you may be denied entry on the other side.

It’s important to remember that whilst travelling with COVID-19, you’re not just putting yourself and your family at risk, but also everyone else you come into contact with.

Follow All Rules Whilst Travelling

If you and your family are healthy and ready to fly, throughout the journey you should try and follow the government guidelines as closely as possible. These include;

  • Avoid the busiest travelling times,
  • Stay two metres from others where possible,
  • Wash your hands regularly, for twenty seconds,
  • Use online check-in services to avoid face-to-face interactions,
  • Keep hand luggage to a minimum of essentials only,
  • Remain seated around the airport and on the plane, where possible,
  • Wear a mask at all times, only removing it to eat and drink.

Moving Abroad During the Pandemic: A Summary

It’s inevitable that during the current climate, moving abroad will be a lot more stressful than normal. 

However, as long as you and your family members stay safe and sensible, it’s still possible. 

By sticking to the above tips, the level of risk shouldn’t be much higher than day-to-day life. Yet there’s nothing to completely eliminate the risk at the moment, which is why moving at this moment in time is purely personal. 

Here at AVM Storage & Shipping, our team of dedicated professionals will be able to deal with shipping your belongings overseas so you can relax, knowing that your belongings are safe and looked after. Get in touch today on 0800 833 932. Interested in any of our other services such as storage? We have a number of solutions for storage in Cheltenham, to enquire, call now.

Moving Cats to a New Home

Planning the Purr-fect Move: Moving Cats to a New Home

Moving house is supposed to be an exciting prospect, however, when you are faced with moving cats to a new home it can almost become stressful.

Here at AVM Storage and Shipping, we offer specialist house removals in Cheltenham service and pride ourselves on offering a fast, efficient and friendly service so that you can focus on the important things at hand. So, no matter where you’re looking to move, make sure to get in touch with our team of experts today on 0800 833 932 who’ll be more than happy to give you all of the advice you need.

What Preparation is Needed when Moving Cats to a New Home

Of course, when moving home, all you want to do is ensure that the whole process is as stress-free as possible, not only for yourself but also for your cat. Cats are very territorial animals, who love spending their days in familiar environments and therefore, can be very resistant to changes in routine!

When preparing to introduce your cat to new surroundings, the process will begin long before the removals van arrives at your door. Doing this can make everything a whole lot easier, as whilst your cat is in their normal environment they’ll likely be more curious as opposed to feeling stressed.

Taking these steps early will ensure that your cat is comfortable with all of the steps involved with the process of moving and when the moving date rolls around, everything will go smoothly.

Make Your Cat Comfortable in a Carrier

At the end of the day, a comfy cat is a happy cat! Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your cat is comfortable in a carrier, especially as it is very likely going to spend most of your moving day there.

If you’ve been a cat owner for long, you’ve likely experienced how your cat reacts to the dreaded cat carrier on vet visits and understand how much your furry friend dislikes it. It’s important to ease this dislike long before the big day and get your cat used to the space.

A great way to do this is by leaving the carrier open in a room your cat frequently visits, to make sure that they have a chance to explore it in their own time. Perhaps put their favourite toy in there at the back to encourage them to go inside, or maybe put some treats in there. If you find that your cat is very reluctant to go inside, it’s a good idea to start putting their food in there to get your cat to go in to eat.

Keep Up Your Cat’s Routine

When moving cats to new surroundings, it’s important that you make sure that their usual routines are kept up. That includes meals, playing and some cuddles!

A new house can seem very stressful to your cat as it is such a rapid change of environment and routine, and whilst you can’t change the former, you can take steps to maintain the latter. Make sure to maintain your routine throughout the move, including on moving day itself, as even though it seems like a small effort to you, it can help your cat feel much more comfortable.

Get an Expert’s Advice

Some cats are much more anxious than others. If your cat is prone to stress, it’s a good idea to talk to your vet long in advance for the best way to keep your cat safe and secure. This may include anti-anxiety medications, calming aids and behavioural tips, which can all go a long way towards helping your furry friend to feel at ease.

Moving Day

Once the moving date arrives, it’s important to make sure that your cat is safe and secure at all times. All it takes is some kindness and attention to make the whole process much easier.

One of the most important things to remember is to keep your cat contained. You and the rest of the moving team will likely be opening and closing your front door frequently and the very last thing you want is your cat bolting out.

Whilst you are loading the truck, empty out one room completely, shut all doors and windows and leave your cat in there with food, water and toys along with their bed and litter box. Whilst your cat may not appreciate being shut in one room, at least they will be safe and comfortable in a familiar space.

When you arrive at your new house, only open the carrier to let your cat out when they are in a room with closed doors and windows. Repeat what you did in your old home and make sure they have the same familiar food and water bowls, toys, bed and litter box so they have comforting scents around them.

Cats in a New Home

The Final Steps of Moving Cats to a New Home

Now moving house is finally over, it’s important to help your cat ease into the new house as seamlessly as possible.

Follow your cat’s lead and make sure everything is more gradual if they are stressed. Sometimes, it can simply be too much to have free reign over the rest of the house straight away! Make sure to spend time with your cat, interact with them lots and do other normal activities with them.

Cats need time to get used to their new territory and settle into the new address. If you are to allow them outside too early, your cat may get itself into serious danger trying to return to your old home. To prevent this, and ensure that your cat is safe, it’s important to keep cats indoors for at least two weeks after moving into new surroundings. Once you are ready to let your cat outside, make sure that they are properly tagged with your phone number and address, just in case.

Contact AVM Storage & Shipping Today

Moving cats to a new house is by no means easy, and the most important thing is to ensure that they are calm and comfortable throughout and can get used to the new house in their own time. Here at AVM Storage and Shipping, unfortunately, we cannot help your furry friend settle into the new environment, but we’ll be more than happy to cater to all of your removal needs, whatever your requirements. Therefore, you’ll be able to divert all of your attention to your cat and make sure that they are completely comfortable. To chat with our removals experts about moving house, or for storage in Cheltenham solutions, call us today on 0800 833 932.

Work from Home Storage

Ways that you Can Maximise your Space When Working from Home

With the government’s work-from-home guidance in place for almost a year now, research has estimated that nearly 60% of us are still working from home. What’s more, 26% of Brits are planning to continue working from home either permanently or occasionally after the lockdown ends. 

Whilst working from home does include benefits such as no commuting, affordable lunches and wearing your slippers, having all aspects of life under one roof can prove to be distracting!

Here at AVM Storage & Shipping, we’re big advocates of freeing up space within our customer’s homes, which is why we have compiled a guide on how to maximise your space at home whilst working from home, allowing you to create a work/life balance that suits you.

Create a Productive Working Environment

It can be very tempting to move around whilst you’re working from home, however, if you are keen to keep yourself focussed, it’s best to have one area which you can designate as your productivity zone. Whether this is your home office or a certain seat at the dining room table, ensuring that you only work in this area can help your mind to stay focussed. 

What’s more, this also means that when you leave this designated zone at the end of the working day, your mind can properly switch off!

It’s also a good idea if you have multiple people working from home, to set a list of rules such as making sure that calls are taken in separate rooms to minimise distraction and that there are periods of time within the day where no distractions are allowed. It’s also a good idea to designate a time where you take lunch together to give yourselves a proper break.

Relaxing at Home

Make Sure that you Can Relax at the End of the Day

Whilst ensuring that you have a designated ‘work zone’ is important, so is having a zone for relaxing in the evening. A great example of this is your bedroom, where you can kick back and relax.

It’s important that you ensure that you don’t bring your work into your relaxation space, as this can break the mental association between that room and relaxation and sleep.

A Tidy Space is Important for a Tidy Mind

No matter whether you’re working away in your productive zone or unwinding in your relaxation zone, it’s very important to ensure that your space is kept tidy. 

This may sound simple, however, being at home full time can cause clutter to easily build up.

Make sure to complete easy tasks such as making your bed in the morning, hanging up your clothes and wiping down your desk to make a huge difference in your mood the next day.

We recommend that you set aside some time doing a full declutter of both your relaxation space and your working space, as it’ll make it much easier to keep on top of things every day. If you have the room, take time to tidy things away into cupboards, garages and lofts.

However, if you find that this space is already overflowing, why not try putting some of these larger possessions into storage to make extra room for your working-from-home space? Here at AVM Storage & Shipping, we are proud to offer a range of storage options, on both a short-term and long-term basis, so that you can maximise your space and maintain a tidy space and therefore a tidy mind. For professional storage in Cheltenham solutions, call us now on 0800 833 932.

How to Tape Up Moving Boxes

If you’ve ever moved house before, you’ve likely thought it; ‘Why are professional movers way better at packing up our stuff?’

Not only do they know precisely the right amount to put in each box but they’re also experts at putting together moving boxes, which quite frankly can be a nightmare! Especially with all of the other stress you take on during a house move!

That is why here at AVM Storage and Shipping, we have put together our guide to moving boxes, and the best methods for you to ensure that your next move is successful. Take a look below, for our best method, to guarantee that all your belongings are secure!

How to Put Together a Moving Box

If you are looking for more advice on moving home, or if you are in need of the perfect packaging materials, or storage in Cheltenham, make sure to get in touch with our team here at AVM Storage & Shipping, today. Either call us on 0800 833 932 or email

Choosing the Perfect Self-Storage Solution For You

Have you found yourself lacking in space and desperate for a solution? This is a common problem in houses across Britain, especially in family homes, where you have too many possessions that you simply can’t part with.

One easy solution to this is self-storage. It’s a fantastic, affordable way to get extra space in your life. Of course, when choosing a self-storage facility, you will have to weigh up a few different options. Here at AVM Storage & Shipping, we have put together an article on how to choose the perfect self-storage option and things you should be thinking about.

What Kind of Storage Do You Need?

Of course, you need to think about the items you’ll be storing and what kind of storage you’ll need. Otherwise, you could, unfortunately, end up with something that is unsuitable.

Make sure you get an idea of the size of the unit you’re looking for, as you equally don’t want something too big or too small.

The best way to do this is by making a list of all the things you’ll be storing. Using this, many companies will be able to give you a quote and an idea of the realistic size you’ll need.

Short or Long Term Storage?

Another thing to think about is how long you’ll need to rent your storage unit for. If you’re, for example, moving into a new home, then you’ll likely only need short-term storage. However, if you’re looking for a space to store stock, then you’ll likely need long-term storage.

Take time to consider the nature of the items you’ll be storing and how long you’ll need to store these for before making a final decision.


It’s also important to consider how often and at what times you’ll want to access your storage facility because this can be a big factor on which storage facility you choose. Not every facility will be open 24 hours a day, so if this is important to you, make sure to mention this when looking for quotes. There’s nothing worse than urgently needing to access your self-storage for a specific item and not being able to access it for a few days.

Competitively-Priced Storage

Of course, importantly you want to make sure that the price you pay for self-storage is reasonable and fits your budget exactly.

If you’re looking for a long term storage option, make sure to mention this, as many companies may offer you concessionary rates.

In fact, here at AVM Storage & Shipping our rates are extremely competitive and start from £1 a day per 250 cubic feet/ 7 cubic metre containers.

Safe & Secure Solution

It’s also important to make sure that your container is completely safe and secure. Check what security they have and CCTV monitoring.

Here at AVM, our facility has around-the-clock security, CCTV monitoring and the latest security systems. This is all in place to prevent unauthorised personnel from entering the facility.

Choosing Your Perfect Self-Storage Solution With AVM Storage & Shipping

Here at AVM Storage & Shipping, we are experts in self-storage and are completely dedicated to helping you choose the perfect self-storage solution. We’ll ensure that all of your belongings are safe at all times and treated exactly as you would treat them yourself.

Our facility is perfect for the storage of both personal and business belongings and we also offer concessionary rates for those wanting a long-term storage solution. So, to find out more about our well-maintained and easily-accessible storage solutions, make sure to get in touch with our team of experts today on 0800 833 932.

Benefits of Self Storage

The 10 Benefits of Choosing Self-Storage

Self-storage can be an excellent choice for a range of reasons, most of all because it provides a safe space to secure tour belongings for as long as you need.

Here at AVM Storage & Shipping, we are proud to offer a safe and secure location for you to store your belongings. We continuously offer a flexible service to make it easy to manage your items and access them whenever you need. Our rates are incredibly competitive and start from an incredible £1 a day per 250 cubic feet / 7 cubic metre container. So, if you’d like to find out more about the self-storage service we provide, make sure to call us today on 0800 833 932. We can store your items for even as little as one week and even offer concessionary rates for long-term solutions.

Though, if you are looking for some of the reasons as to why you should choose us and some of the benefits of self-storage, make sure to read on below.

Declutter Your Home Space

Especially if you have a family home, it is very easy for your space to become cluttered and crowded with belongings. We all live busy lives and finding a place to store all this ‘stuff’ can be hard when you have to take the time to sort each item. Though, too often do we simply throw everything in a spare room or the garage, to say that we’ll sort it soon, and never end up doing so.

Self-storage is an excellent way to give yourself space to breathe and keep your home tidy. You can move as much as you see fit into self-storage and store it there for as long as you need until you can either sort through it or decide further as to what you want to do. Then, you’ll have the peace of mind that all your belongings are safe and secure until they are needed.

This way, you don’t need to risk making a rash decision and throw out something you’ll need down the line. You can put it into self-storage and give yourself some time to think.

Keep Your Items Secure from Theft

If you’re not confident about the security of your home, or garage, and want to keep slightly more valuable and personal belongings safe, then self-storage can be an excellent choice. You can safely store your items and put all those worries to rest.

In fact, here at AVM Storage and Shipping, all of our containers are completely safe and secure. Our facility is highly secure and benefits from around-the-clock security and CCTV monitoring, so you have the peace of mind that all of the items that you store with us are safe. We also have the latest security systems, to prevent unauthorised personnel from entering our facility.

A New Business Space

Did you know that self-storage spaces aren’t just suitable for your personal belongings? They can also be an excellent choice for your business and a space for stock, to help it get off the ground.

A self-storage space is great for your business assets, and you can even use it to house a workstation to work from. A storage unit is also good for a video or photography-based business. In fact, the possibilities are endless!

Moving Home

If you’ve moved home before, you’ll recognise the stress that comes from getting all your belongings in order to move. You have so much to think about and moving everything is just one small part of that.

A self-storage unit can be a great place to store your items whilst you move into your new home. Then, you can gradually move, box by box, to make the process easier and a lot less stressful.

What’s more, if your moving chain doesn’t work as planned, then self-storage can provide a solution for your belongings whilst you sort and manage everything.

A Solution For Student Belongings

Don’t be misled into thinking that storage units are just for families and business owners, either. They can be a great choice for students to make moving into their new university accommodation much easier.

Not everyone lives in a large home whilst at uni, so if you find that you have more belongings than you can find a space for, then you can even leave them in self-storage on a long term basis. You even have the peace of mind that your belongings are safe and secure.

It also means that it doesn’t have to stay at your parent’s house either!

Seasonal Items Storage

Not everything you own will be needed all year round. Such as skis, winter clothes, Christmas decorations in the summer and deck chairs and garden furniture in the winter. So, rather than try and cram these items somewhere in your home and take up precious space, why not put them into self-storage?

This way, your home is kept tidy and you have the peace of mind that these items are completely safe.

Downsize Your Home

Maybe you’re heading towards your retirement years and you’re thinking of downsizing. Self-storage will allow you to store your belongings that you no longer have space for in your smaller home.

You can even store certain items that you’d like to pass down to children one day, so they remain safe and secure.

Going Travelling

Maybe your job requires you to travel often, or maybe you enjoy it simply as a hobby. Though, bulky items are simply impossible to take away whenever you leave home. These are items perfect for self-storage.

Start a New Hobby

If you’re starting up a new hobby, sometimes you can find that items you collect as a result of this are too bulky to store at home. Whether it’s biking, or surfing, or something else, it won’t cost a fortune to store and you’ll know that your potentially expensive equipment is safe.


Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of choosing self-storage is that it is entirely flexible. We can offer our self-storage for as little as a week or as long as you need. There are no lengthy contracts that you’ll be locked into when it’s not necessary.

Advantages of Self Storage

Here at AVM Storage and shipping, we hope that our guide on the benefits of choosing self-storage has shown you the true benefits and value of the service. As a company, we can help you find the perfect self-storage solution for you and your items and make sure that the whole process is a breeze. If you would like to find out more about the self-storage we provide, or our other solutions for storage in Cheltenham, make sure to get in touch with our friendly experts on 0800 833 932. we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have and give you a quote based on the storage you need.

Moving House in Cheltenham

Our Guide to a Hassle Free House Move in Cheltenham

Everyone can agree that moving home can be stressful. Though, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Of course, moving is hard work but it doesn’t have to border on traumatic! There are heaps of ways that you can make your life that bit easier and take the stress out of moving home.

Here at AVM Storage & Shipping, we have been providing homeowners with our specialist removals Cheltenham service for years. It’s our goal to help our customers and provide a reliable and flexible removals service that’s tailored to their needs.

Read on to take a look at our top tips for reducing the hassle of moving house, and to find out more about the services we provide, call us today on 0800 833 932.

Declutter Your Home

You’ll find that there’s no better time to declutter your home than when you are moving. Boxing up all your belongings will reveal a lot of things you haven’t used, or even thought about, for years. Don’t hang onto these items for any longer and take the chance to get rid, before they move to your new home and hang around in the attic once again. This will also mean that you’ll have less to pack, less to move and less to find a new home for!

Create a Plan

If you haven’t moved before, you’ll quickly find that packing takes a lot longer than you think, so ideally start early. Think about the rooms that you use the least and start off with them. Then, you can store packed boxes from any other rooms in those rooms. Make sure to leave the rooms you use the most until last. This is typically the kitchen and the bathroom.

Make Sure Boxes are Labelled Specifically

Make sure each box has its contents labelled on it. Some rooms, like the kitchen, for example, may require a number of boxes, so it can help to go into detail. No one wants to be in a new home, digging through box after box to find the mugs when all you want is a quick cuppa.

Get Organised with Utilities Far in Advance

It’s easy to register with utility companies, such as broadband companies etc, in advance. This is also the case for your post, with the Royal Mail Redirection Service, and the electoral roll.

Though, when moving from your previous home it’s a good idea to take photos of your final readings for gas, electricity and water (if you are on a meter). Also, take photos of the same when you arrive at your new home, just in case the seller wasn’t quite as conscientious.

Pack a Moving Day Kit

Don’t forget to pack yourself a small moving day survival kit, either. This can be a small box or backpack containing everything you’re going to need when you arrive at your new home. This should include items such as medicine, toiletries, keys, phone chargers, coffee, tea and pet food.

This will mean that you don’t have to dig through a hundred boxes looking for these items or worse still, rebuy items you know you have packed away somewhere.

It’s also worth putting in this box items you don’t want to risk losing, such as passports, driving licences, insurance policy documents and so on, instead of placing them in a random box to get lost.

Choosing a Removals Company You Can Trust in Cheltenham

Moving house is stressful enough. Don’t make it more so by choosing the wrong removals company. Here at AVM Storage & Shipping, we can provide you with our professional removals Cheltenham service to ensure that the moving process is hassle-free for you. Make sure to get in touch with our helpful and friendly team on 0800 833 932, we’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and give you a quote.

Decluttering Boxes

A Guide to Decluttering Your Home

If you have decided to declutter and organise your home, you’ve likely found yourself not knowing where to start, especially if you’re just about to move into a new property. You’re packing all your belongings into boxes, so of course, it seems like a good idea to do some decluttering – but how?

Decluttering can be excellent for a range of different reasons, including adding space, giving you more headspace and helping you feel less stressed.

Here at AVM, we have put together our top organising ideas on tackling the clutter in your home.

Plan Your Decluttering

As with most processes, decluttering requires proper planning. Take your time and break the process up into steps to make it a lot less stressful. Work from room to room, taking on a section of a room at a time.

As you work through each section, use a few clearly marked boxes, defined for these purposes;

  • Put away: Keep this box for items that have crept out of their normal storage spaces.
  • Recycle: This box should be for items that can be recycled, such as paper, plastic or glass.
  • Fix/med: If you come across any items you’d like to keep yet require some tinkering, put them into this box.
  • Rubbish: This box is for items which should simply be thrown away in normal household rubbish.
  • Donate: One box should be designated for items that can be donated to a charitable cause (such as the charity shop).

The Main Entrance of Your Home

No matter how big or small your hallway is, it can be a big clutter magnet. We walk through the door and drop shoes, bags, coats, keys and if we’re not careful a hall space can become cluttered very quickly. Take time to put away any shoes and coats, clear surfaces and collect keys into a place where they’re easy to find when you come to leave.

The Kitchen

The more organised your kitchen, the more smoothly it’ll run. Keeping surfaces clutter-free gives you the space you need to work.

Cleaning your kitchen zone by zone works, yet you can also work by each category instead. Work through cooking utensils then cutlery and crockery and so on. Find a home for each and keep a rule where only ‘daily-used’ items can live on the countertop.

The Living Room

The living room is another room which collects clutter, such as books, toys, magazines etc, simply because it is used so often. The key to decluttering your living room is to;

  • Create permanent storage spaces for items you commonly use, such as the remote control, magazines and books.
  • Make sure to take the time to declutter this space regularly.

Firstly, start with any bookcases, tables or other surfaces. Empty each and take time to look over each item and then return them to their proper storage spaces.

Then, move onto electronics. Does everything work? How often do you use them? Store chargers, gadgets and games in one place together.

Finally, tackle any toys that have been left in the living room. Take a look at how much wear and tear each toy has and whether or not it functions as it should. Also, take the time to think, does your child actually play with each toy? Recycle, donate or store each toy.

The Bathroom

Start with your cabinets. Take out any medicines, skincare, makeup and other items and discard any unused/out of date items.

Do the same with your shower/bath and then with any under-sink cupboards etc.

The Bedroom

Finally, take time to tackle your bedroom. This is meant to be a place where you can relax so it’s vital you keep it decluttered. As it is the focal point of your space, make sure to make your bed. You will instantly feel calmer.

Next, put away anything on your bedside cabinet, such as mugs, glasses, jewellery, chargers and so on. Then, use the same logic on other surfaces.

Decluttering Your Space Using Self Storage

Too much clutter can be a huge source of stress. Yet what happens when you simply have too many sentimental items you want to keep? An excellent way to improve this is by moving these items into a storage facility

Here at AVM, we provide secure and reliable self-storage solutions at extremely competitive rates. With us, you’ll be able to store any of your belongings for as long as you like. All of our warehouses are clean and dry, protecting your items and materials from moisture, dirt and damage.

So, to discuss our storage service for your items further, call our team today on 0800 833 932. We’ll be more than happy to help.

Moving During Coronavirus

Moving During the Coronavirus Lockdown – Where Do You Stand?

Whether you’re buying, selling or simply moving from one rented home to another, it’s vitally important to know where you stand in regards to your move and lockdown.

Here at AVM, we offer an outstanding removals and storage service. We pride ourselves on being fast, friendly and reliable and can help ensure that moving home goes smoothly. For more information on the services we provide, call us today on 0800 833 932.

What Does the Government Say?

Given the situation, the UK government has given official guidance, urging anyone involved in the process of moving home to adapt to the situation and be flexible. Whilst the lockdown is beginning to ease up, the government has set out plans to restart England’s housing market, which was previously in a deep freeze.

Estate agents are now open, viewings can be carried out and removals companies can restart operations fully.

Potential buyers and renters will be allowed to visit show homes and attend viewings and anyone who has already bought a new home will be able to visit it to prepare for moving in.

During a physical viewing, all internal doors should stay open, or any touched doors handle wiped down along with other surfaces after each visit. Washing facilities should also be provided with washable towels, or visitors should bring their own hand sanitiser.

Virtual property viewings have also become more popular and will be running online where possible.

If you are moving in with someone new, who is currently in a different household, the government has said this is permitted. Though, it is vitally important that if anyone in either household is showing symptoms of the virus, the move should be delayed. A period of self-isolation should be completed before anyone moves.

How Can You Stay Safe Whilst Moving?

  • You and anyone in your household should try and do as much packing as possible yourself.
  • Where possible, clean your belongings before the move with a household cleaning product, before they are handled by the removers.
  • Whilst the removers are in your home, try to keep any internal doors open, minimise your contact with the team and keep a distance of at least 2 metres, if possible.
  • Everyone involved in the move should wash their hands regularly and avoid touching any surfaces where the coronavirus could be transmitted.
  • Unfortunately, please try not to provide any refreshments, but providing handwashing facilities and separate towels or paper towels that can be washed or disposed of, will help everyone to keep safe.

Stay Safe With a Stress-Free Move

The most important thing to remember is that flexibility is key for a successful move during such a confusing time. Be prepared to move and reschedule dates, in case someone becomes ill and must self-isolate.

Whilst removals firms are able to operate, you may see an adjustment to usual procedures in order to make you and your family are as safe as possible.

AVM Storage & Shipping is proud to be one of the leading removals companies in Cheltenham. Over the many years of which we have been established, we have provided our valued customers with a quality one-stop service that encompasses the main 4 cornerstones of the transport industry: removals, logistics, storage and shipping.

Our friendly team is always available on 0800 833 932 and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on your upcoming move.

Shipping Container

How Did Shipping Containers Change Our World?

From the day the shipping container was invented in 1956, it was known that this simple invention will be making a huge impact on the world.  Over the past 64 years, these containers have not only transformed how we internationally ship goods but they have also provided us with a new sustainable way of constructing small buildings, these containers are also being transformed into homes in some places in the world.


Containers Made Global Shipping Simple 


Prior to the invention of the steel shipping container, we were using wooden storage crates and barrels as a mean of transporting our goods. Whether this is clothes, food or raw material it was no doubt that this was simply inconvenient for all parties involved. Not only did this make international shipping complicated but also very costly, the amount of wood required to create these barrels and boxes got very expensive and more importantly they didn’t even last for long. When the steel shipping container came along it simply blew all other forms of transporting goods out of the water, literally. 


Containerisation Boosted The Economy Dramatically


Containers are renown for being the leading way for transporting goods in bulk around the globe, for this reason, a term called containerisation was created. Containerisation is a form of globalisation which primarily focused around the spread of goods and material around the globe instead of businesses growth in general. Containerisation hugely boosted our economy as it meant we now had a cost-effective way for us to trade goods with countries on the other side of the globe. This allowed all the countries in the globe to create very complexed trading agreements. As of today, this is something that we are commonly seeing day in and day out, how often do you look on the bottom of a plastic product and see the words “Made In China”? If it wasn’t for containerisation China would have a fraction of the economy as they do today


Cheap Construction For Small Businesses


Containers have become a lot more than just a means of transporting our goods from A to B, now they are starting to be used around the globe for construction purposes. After 10-12 years shipping containers are taken out of service due to depreciation. Once the container is no longer being used for transporting goods around the globe they can then be used for a second purpose, whether this is self-storage or construction. 


Shipping container offers a cost-effective solution for small businesses starting up to gain premises. Due to this, we have found that around the globe containers are being used to create restaurants, ice cream parlours and so much more. Bristol has even utilised storage containers to create a complex of small business who all seem to be doing extremely well. The restaurants are incredible, you easily forget you even sat within a storage container thanks to the jaw-dropping interior decoration. 


The Future Of Shipping Containers 


The truth is that the storage container will not be going anywhere soon. They are relied on so heavily by the shipping industry it is very unlikely that we will see these containers disappearing anytime soon. Even if storage containers are replaced within the shipping industry they will be used for construction for many years to come. Very recently a project called the launchpad opened up in Bristol. The launchpad was a project that was invented to help tackle the homeless problems within the city, by providing cost-effective living space. The containers have become so popular with the younger generation there has now become a huge demand for this form of an apartment. There would be no surprise if projects alike the launchpad start appearing across the UK and beyond. 


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