Decluttering Boxes

A Guide to Decluttering Your Home

If you have decided to declutter and organise your home, you’ve likely found yourself not knowing where to start, especially if you’re just about to move into a new property. You’re packing all your belongings into boxes, so of course, it seems like a good idea to do some decluttering – but how?

Decluttering can be excellent for a range of different reasons, including adding space, giving you more headspace and helping you feel less stressed.

Here at AVM, we have put together our top organising ideas on tackling the clutter in your home.

Plan Your Decluttering

As with most processes, decluttering requires proper planning. Take your time and break the process up into steps to make it a lot less stressful. Work from room to room, taking on a section of a room at a time.

As you work through each section, use a few clearly marked boxes, defined for these purposes;

  • Put away: Keep this box for items that have crept out of their normal storage spaces.
  • Recycle: This box should be for items that can be recycled, such as paper, plastic or glass.
  • Fix/med: If you come across any items you’d like to keep yet require some tinkering, put them into this box.
  • Rubbish: This box is for items which should simply be thrown away in normal household rubbish.
  • Donate: One box should be designated for items that can be donated to a charitable cause (such as the charity shop).

The Main Entrance of Your Home

No matter how big or small your hallway is, it can be a big clutter magnet. We walk through the door and drop shoes, bags, coats, keys and if we’re not careful a hall space can become cluttered very quickly. Take time to put away any shoes and coats, clear surfaces and collect keys into a place where they’re easy to find when you come to leave.

The Kitchen

The more organised your kitchen, the more smoothly it’ll run. Keeping surfaces clutter-free gives you the space you need to work.

Cleaning your kitchen zone by zone works, yet you can also work by each category instead. Work through cooking utensils then cutlery and crockery and so on. Find a home for each and keep a rule where only ‘daily-used’ items can live on the countertop.

The Living Room

The living room is another room which collects clutter, such as books, toys, magazines etc, simply because it is used so often. The key to decluttering your living room is to;

  • Create permanent storage spaces for items you commonly use, such as the remote control, magazines and books.
  • Make sure to take the time to declutter this space regularly.

Firstly, start with any bookcases, tables or other surfaces. Empty each and take time to look over each item and then return them to their proper storage spaces.

Then, move onto electronics. Does everything work? How often do you use them? Store chargers, gadgets and games in one place together.

Finally, tackle any toys that have been left in the living room. Take a look at how much wear and tear each toy has and whether or not it functions as it should. Also, take the time to think, does your child actually play with each toy? Recycle, donate or store each toy.

The Bathroom

Start with your cabinets. Take out any medicines, skincare, makeup and other items and discard any unused/out of date items.

Do the same with your shower/bath and then with any under-sink cupboards etc.

The Bedroom

Finally, take time to tackle your bedroom. This is meant to be a place where you can relax so it’s vital you keep it decluttered. As it is the focal point of your space, make sure to make your bed. You will instantly feel calmer.

Next, put away anything on your bedside cabinet, such as mugs, glasses, jewellery, chargers and so on. Then, use the same logic on other surfaces.

Decluttering Your Space Using Self Storage

Too much clutter can be a huge source of stress. Yet what happens when you simply have too many sentimental items you want to keep? An excellent way to improve this is by moving these items into a storage facility

Here at AVM, we provide secure and reliable self-storage solutions at extremely competitive rates. With us, you’ll be able to store any of your belongings for as long as you like. All of our warehouses are clean and dry, protecting your items and materials from moisture, dirt and damage.

So, to discuss our storage service for your items further, call our team today on 0800 833 932. We’ll be more than happy to help.

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