Moving During the Coronavirus Lockdown – Where Do You Stand?

Whether you’re buying, selling or simply moving from one rented home to another, it’s vitally important to know where you stand in regards to your move and lockdown.

Here at AVM, we offer an outstanding removals and storage service. We pride ourselves on being fast, friendly and reliable and can help ensure that moving home goes smoothly. For more information on the services we provide, call us today on 0800 833 932.

What Does the Government Say?

Given the situation, the UK government has given official guidance, urging anyone involved in the process of moving home to adapt to the situation and be flexible. Whilst the lockdown is beginning to ease up, the government has set out plans to restart England’s housing market, which was previously in a deep freeze.

Estate agents are now open, viewings can be carried out and removals companies can restart operations fully.

Potential buyers and renters will be allowed to visit show homes and attend viewings and anyone who has already bought a new home will be able to visit it to prepare for moving in.

During a physical viewing, all internal doors should stay open, or any touched doors handle wiped down along with other surfaces after each visit. Washing facilities should also be provided with washable towels, or visitors should bring their own hand sanitiser.

Virtual property viewings have also become more popular and will be running online where possible.

If you are moving in with someone new, who is currently in a different household, the government has said this is permitted. Though, it is vitally important that if anyone in either household is showing symptoms of the virus, the move should be delayed. A period of self-isolation should be completed before anyone moves.

How Can You Stay Safe Whilst Moving?

  • You and anyone in your household should try and do as much packing as possible yourself.
  • Where possible, clean your belongings before the move with a household cleaning product, before they are handled by the removers.
  • Whilst the removers are in your home, try to keep any internal doors open, minimise your contact with the team and keep a distance of at least 2 metres, if possible.
  • Everyone involved in the move should wash their hands regularly and avoid touching any surfaces where the coronavirus could be transmitted.
  • Unfortunately, please try not to provide any refreshments, but providing handwashing facilities and separate towels or paper towels that can be washed or disposed of, will help everyone to keep safe.

Stay Safe With a Stress-Free Move

The most important thing to remember is that flexibility is key for a successful move during such a confusing time. Be prepared to move and reschedule dates, in case someone becomes ill and must self-isolate.

Whilst removals firms are able to operate, you may see an adjustment to usual procedures in order to make you and your family are as safe as possible.

AVM Storage & Shipping is proud to be one of the leading removals companies in Cheltenham. Over the many years of which we have been established, we have provided our valued customers with a quality one-stop service that encompasses the main 4 cornerstones of the transport industry: removals, logistics, storage and shipping.

Our friendly team is always available on 0800 833 932 and will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have and advise you on your upcoming move.

Shipping Container

How Did Shipping Containers Change Our World?

From the day the shipping container was invented in 1956, it was known that this simple invention will be making a huge impact on the world.  Over the past 64 years, these containers have not only transformed how we internationally ship goods but they have also provided us with a new sustainable way of constructing small buildings, these containers are also being transformed into homes in some places in the world.


Containers Made Global Shipping Simple 


Prior to the invention of the steel shipping container, we were using wooden storage crates and barrels as a mean of transporting our goods. Whether this is clothes, food or raw material it was no doubt that this was simply inconvenient for all parties involved. Not only did this make international shipping complicated but also very costly, the amount of wood required to create these barrels and boxes got very expensive and more importantly they didn’t even last for long. When the steel shipping container came along it simply blew all other forms of transporting goods out of the water, literally. 


Containerisation Boosted The Economy Dramatically


Containers are renown for being the leading way for transporting goods in bulk around the globe, for this reason, a term called containerisation was created. Containerisation is a form of globalisation which primarily focused around the spread of goods and material around the globe instead of businesses growth in general. Containerisation hugely boosted our economy as it meant we now had a cost-effective way for us to trade goods with countries on the other side of the globe. This allowed all the countries in the globe to create very complexed trading agreements. As of today, this is something that we are commonly seeing day in and day out, how often do you look on the bottom of a plastic product and see the words “Made In China”? If it wasn’t for containerisation China would have a fraction of the economy as they do today


Cheap Construction For Small Businesses


Containers have become a lot more than just a means of transporting our goods from A to B, now they are starting to be used around the globe for construction purposes. After 10-12 years shipping containers are taken out of service due to depreciation. Once the container is no longer being used for transporting goods around the globe they can then be used for a second purpose, whether this is self-storage or construction. 


Shipping container offers a cost-effective solution for small businesses starting up to gain premises. Due to this, we have found that around the globe containers are being used to create restaurants, ice cream parlours and so much more. Bristol has even utilised storage containers to create a complex of small business who all seem to be doing extremely well. The restaurants are incredible, you easily forget you even sat within a storage container thanks to the jaw-dropping interior decoration. 


The Future Of Shipping Containers 


The truth is that the storage container will not be going anywhere soon. They are relied on so heavily by the shipping industry it is very unlikely that we will see these containers disappearing anytime soon. Even if storage containers are replaced within the shipping industry they will be used for construction for many years to come. Very recently a project called the launchpad opened up in Bristol. The launchpad was a project that was invented to help tackle the homeless problems within the city, by providing cost-effective living space. The containers have become so popular with the younger generation there has now become a huge demand for this form of an apartment. There would be no surprise if projects alike the launchpad start appearing across the UK and beyond. 

Moving House With Reptiles

Moving House With Your Reptiles or Fish

Moving House With Your Reptiles or Fish – Presented by AVM Storage and Shipping

Moving House With Reptiles

Here at AVM, we offer specialist removals and storage. We pride ourselves on being fast, friendly and reliable and we can offer removal packing kits of various sizes. If you are looking for removals in Cheltenham.  Call us today on: 0800 833 932 or enquire online using a contact form on our website.

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AVM Stroud Services

Our Stroud Services

Services Provided By AVM in Stroud

AVM offers all our services, including storage, removals, and logistics in Stroud. This article provides information about each of these services offered by AVM and how they will benefit you. If you require more information, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 833932 for more information. Continue reading Our Stroud Services

Reasons To Hire A Removal Company

Reasons To Hire a Removal Company

Why Should You Hire A Removal Company For Your Move?

As a removal company, AVM see great value in hiring our removal services over trying to move house by yourself or hiring a man with a van job. You may be thinking that we are biased or that you could do it cheaper another way. This is why we have put together the following reasons why hiring a removal company for your move is the best decision.

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Moving house in winter

Top Tips For Your Winter Move

Moving in winter is often not everybody’s first choice. The snow, ice, limited daylight hours and cold weather conditions are not the dream moving house scenario. The cold weather can cause delays, with icy roads and the risk of snow all potential factors to cause havoc on moving day. However, this also means a big reduction in waiting times and prices for removals companies at this time of year. If you are moving house in winter out of choice or circumstance, then we have provided some top tips to not let the move defeat you. Contact us on 0800 833 932 for more advice from our experts.

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Storage Oxford

Storage Oxford

Why Chose AVM as Your Storage Solutions in Oxford 

With the need for dedicated storage on the rise, whether for personal or business use, AVM Storage Oxford has the solution for all of your storage needs. Whether you need a lot of smaller items stored, or larger things such as furniture or even vehicles, our storage units can accommodate you. Contact AVM storage and Shipping today on – 0800 833932.

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storage stroud

Storage Stroud

Looking for affordable storage in Stroud? At AVM Storage & Shipping we own and operate a large secure storage facility near Stroud. Our storage units are completely secure and temperature controlled so you can be confident your belongings will be safe from mould, damp and any potential thieves. We offer storage space that is suitable for both domestic and commercial purposes. To find out more, or to get an accurate, upfront quote for storage in Stroud, contact us on 0800 833 932, or complete our ‘Get a Quote’ form.

In this blog post, we are going to look at the advantages of hiring storage space for your domestic needs.

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Removal Companies Stroud

Removal Companies Stroud

Tips For Moving Home with Removal Companies Stroud

Are you looking for removal companies in Stroud? AVM Storage & Shipping is your most reliable and affordable option, with outstanding levels of professionalism and competence. Get in touch with AVM today for a first removals service you can rely on.

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storage Witney

Storage Witney

Reliable and Affordable Storage Solutions in Witney

Contrary to popular belief, storage is not just for hoarders or collectors with more belongings than space. Storage is a useful option when you have items that won’t comfortably fit in your home or business premises. If you are looking for domestic or commercial storage in Witney or the surrounding region, AVM Storage & Shipping owns and manages a dedicated Witney storage facility, perfect for temporary or even longer-term storage options. To get a quote for storage prices, contact us today on 0800 833 932. We offer very reasonable rates for both our domestic and commercial clients.

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